Building the Curriculum

I’m off to my second round of recruitment with my role as Director of STEM Curriculum Development! The past few months have been filled with hard work by numerous volunteers from all across the world – and with so many hard working students during the Virtual Impact Program at Outreach360.

The first group of volunteers helped to complete the first iteration of Outreach360’s STEM Curriculum. We have lessons ranging from astronomy, to weather, to how DNA controls the way we look and feel! It really displays some of the coolest parts of science in the world. I can’t wait to see this grow into something even larger than it is now! Check out the link below to see the massive amount of lesson plans, google slides, and other resources the team has compiled. I am so proud of them!

The front cover of our curriculum!

I am actively recruiting new volunteers to help with this project along with another project I call “Planting Seeds in STEM”. The goal of this new project is to create an all-in-one resource for college students, graduate students, and beyond to explore the opportunities out there; ways to be involved in the local and global community, scholarships, fellowships, and other professional development tools to use. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact me directly with the information on my home page! 🙂

Alternatively: bgr36 (at)

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