I’m Back!

After about two months, I’m back with an exciting blog post! Today I was accepted for a publication in Biosensors, a peer-reviewed journal, for my research during undergrad. The research was performed under the supervision of Dr. Rasmussen, a true role model during my college years! I’m so happy our group was able to accomplishContinue reading “I’m Back!”

New Opportunities

With the ever-changing work-from-home phase reaching new normality in many households across America, Outreach360 continues to adapt and overcome these challenges with virtual volunteering efforts. I was fortunate to serve with the first group of interns in a four-week experience to virtually teach student in Nicaragua. New opportunities are rising from the same organization toContinue reading “New Opportunities”

Finding Your Scientist

When thinking of a scientist, the average person may have difficulty relating. Images of a dark laboratory, flashes of light and smoke, crooked and cracked glasses, and a lab coat might emerge from memories. However, this is not the case for all scientists. For example, I just started my research with pathogens that effect grapevines.Continue reading “Finding Your Scientist”

Do all good things have to come to an end?

All good things must come to an end. This commonly used statement may be true for my recent volunteer experience with Outreach360, but I know that I will remain a part of this organization for many years to come. I’ve seen so much growth and joy from the students for the past month, it reallyContinue reading “Do all good things have to come to an end?”

Becoming Teacher

In just three weeks, I have become a teacher. Not one with certificates or advanced pedagogy. Just ‘Teacher’. The bittersweet moment where the students unmute at the end of class yelling, “Bye Teacher“, and “Thank you Teacher“, is something that has such sentiment. The effort I put into planning lessons and getting the students involvedContinue reading “Becoming Teacher”

Daily Commute from PA to Nicaragua

For essential workers during the pandemic commuting to and from work can become a tedious yet necessary part of the day. My commute each day would involve a 45 minute car ride, ~20 hour connecting flights, and a 2.5 hour bus ride from Hershey, PA to Jinotega, Nicaragua. This is not the case, because ofContinue reading “Daily Commute from PA to Nicaragua”

My Past Experience with Outreach360

The first two days of my internship with Outreach360 have been amazing! We have been learning a variety of teaching strategies and all about zoom (see picture below). Teacher Coco has been a great instructor and leader for our group, as she has about a decade of experience in Nicaragua. The other volunteers are fromContinue reading “My Past Experience with Outreach360”